Helscome my wedsite. It's not done yet.


☆About me!☆

(1/26/23) Hey! I go by eumillipes online. Weird name right? What's even weirder is I willingly "branded"(is that the right word??) myself after a genus of millipede. I wonder what my future employers would think of this. Anyway I update this far too much, so my website may look totally different every few days. I like to draw, all my garbage is on tumblr but I might add it here if I find out how. One of my favorite bands is Kittie. I also like Scythelord. Is this how you do an about me?

(3/9/23) I plan to change my wedsite styles soon, but I've been WAY busy with highschool. Eugh. Hoping to css this crappy site into an aquatic theme over spring break!

(4/23/23) I totally lied about the aquatic thing, but I am adding a fav bands page!! If I dont forget. Again.


I love Homestar Runner, expect lotsa references! Games I like: Yume Nikki, Hylics, SBCG4AP, OFF, Kirby, and more! I also like other weird gross things like the process of diaphonization...uhhh...I dunno...prolly uninteresting